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Genius Herbs Moringa hybrid Seeds 100 Gm

    Genius Herbs Moringa hybrid Seeds 100 Gm

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      Organic, PKM1 Quality, Natural and Visibly Large Moringa Dried Seeds.Healthy for Skin and Hair. Easy to eat with meal or as snacks. 2-3 seeds per time, In the morning and evening.Boosts Energy, Acts as Sleep Aid providing a Sound Sleep.Moringa is high in Fiber, helps in Digestion, Promotes Healthy and Beautiful Skin.Moringa seeds are packed with antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties and are thus, very beneficial for skincare.Moringa seeds are extracted from the pods of drumstick tree & then dried. These seeds are exceptionally nutritious & can be beneficial for your body in various ways. It is a great source of vitamins, calcium, iron & fibre. It also occupies anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.High in fibre,Rich in iron,Anti-inflammatory,Anti-oxidant.