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Pure Herbal Papaya Soap 135g

    Pure Herbal Papaya Soap 135g

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      Enriched with herbal extracts of Papaya, refined with glycerine for total mosturization and added with sunscreen for sun protection, this beauty bar cleanses your face skin gently and enhances the skin’s texture with it’s smoothening effect. Benefits: • It is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin use. • Being a good source of Vitamin A, this product helps in removing dead skin cells. • This natural skin exfoliator reduces aging sign on the face. • It gives your skin hydrated since papaya is a low sodium fruit. It also contains glycerine for moisturizing. • Natural extracts of papaya present in the soap reduces unwanted pimples and other embarrassing blemishes on the face. Removes skin discoloration. • It’s also added with the sun screen ensuring your skin the sun protection. PURE HERBAL PAPAYA FRUITY SOAP (4 IN 1) IS A UNIQUE SKIN WHITENING SOAP WITH PAPAYA HERBAL SOAP CUBES WITH (SUNBLOCK MOISTURIZER & HYPOALLERGENIC). Ingredient: Glycerine Clear Soap base, Papaya Herbal soap cubes, Sunscreen, Glycerine, Papaya Extract. Direction for use: • Slash water all over your face.(Preferably warm) • Spread the soap all over your face and gently rub it in circles over your skin. • Thoroughly rinse away all the soap. • With a soft, clean towel, gently pat your face dry. Use regularly to shines the most amidst your circle of family, friends or professionals. For the best results, use Kojie San Dream White face cream moisturizer after the face wash. Net weight: 135g.